EUROTRADINGGROUP s.r.o is specializing in 3D design, producing models, production and developing stoves, combustion chambers and also other machine engineering components. Important part of our services that we offer are flow simulation, and gas and fluids flow analysis. Predominantly we solve combustion in stove chambers.  

Our experience and expertise that we have gained since 1996 makes it easier to attain your ultimate goal – to always deliver projects with emphasis to its manufacturability, quality and production cost while using the latest technology.

Previously our director had owned and managed a manufacturing company with 120 employees for 14 years. Its equipment included modern CNC technologies to process metal sheets, forming, machine tools, tool-making. He sold this company with its own production program in 2010.

We are using following software for constructive activities SolidWorks Profesional, SolidWorks Standard, SolidWorks Flow Simulation. We invest in to further education, learning new approaches and trends, implementing new applications (static strength analysis, flow analysis, strees tests analysis, fatigue analysis) continually improve our services we provide to our customers. 

To satisfy our clients needs, we create technical illustrations. Animations of our 3D solutions are great for work presentations, marketing and design.